Husqvarna 325 years
Lil Wettergren, board member
Early powercutter
Early chainsaw
Husqvarna motorcycle
Old commercial
Old rifle
Waterfalls in Huskvarna
Husqvarna's first logotype


We celebrate our 325th anniversary. One of the oldest companies in the world, yet young enough to eagerly look forward to future challenges.


Decision to invest in a new production facility for manufacturing of chainsaw chains in Huskvarna, Sweden. The Group will also invest in expanded capacity for manufacturing of cylinders for two-stroke engines for chainsaws in the Group's facilities in Nashville, U.S. and Huskvarna, Sweden.


A new range of semi-professional battery products was launched to the market. Husqvarna is already offering a wide range of battery-powered products, including our robotic mower Automower. 


Husqvarna acquires Gardena as well as Zenoah and Klippo.


Husqvarna is spun off from Electrolux and the shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.


Acquisition of Diamant Boart International, a leading producer of diamond tools for the construction and stone industries, with annual sales of about SEK 2,500 m and about 2,000 employees.


Acquisition of Marazzini Ernesto in Italy, which produces lawn mowers and other outdoor products.


The diamond tools product area expands through the acquisition of Magnum Diamond & Machinery, JKS Lamage and Cushion Cut in North America. Acquisition of Bluebird Inc. in the US, a small producer of lawn aerators and dethatchers, complements Husqvarna's range of equipment for maintenance of large landscaped areas.


Acquisition of the European operations in McCulloch of the US, which produces light-weight chainsaws, trimmers, hedge clippers and leaf blowers and has annual sales of SEK 650m and 250 employees. Acquisition of Yazoo-Kees, a small US producer focused mainly on riders for professional maintenance of large landscaped areas.


The sewing machine operation is divested to Industri Kapital, a Swedish investment company.


Launch of the market's first solar-powered, self-propelled lawn mower. Outdoor products continue to show good growth, with annual sales of SEK 15,902m.


Operations in Poulan/Weed Eater are complemented by the acquisition of Allegretti & Co in the US, which focuses on electrically- and battery powered portable garden equipment and has annual sales of SEK 450m and 1,100 employees. Sale of US garden tractors starts in Europe. Sales of Outdoor Products amount to SEK 8,680m.


Acquisition of gardening operations in Roper Corp in the US, one of the largest producers of lawn mowers, garden tractors and rotary tillers in the American market, with annual sales of about SEK 2,500m. The company's name is changed to American Yard Products. The US becomes the Husqvarna Group's largest market for garden equipment .


Acquisition of Dimas Försäljnings AB, which produces diamond cutters. The motorcycle operation is divested to Cagiva of Italy.


Acquisition of Poulan/Weed Eater in the US, with a product range that includes hobby chainsaws, lawn trimmers and leaf blowers, and annual sales of SEK 1,200m. The acquisition complements Husqvarna's product range and strengthens its position in the US market. Production of riders starts in Sweden.


Two acquisitions in France: Staub S.A. in rotary tillers, and the garden operations in Bernard Monteur, focused mainly on lawn mowers.


Acquisition of Norlett in Norway and Trail Manufacturing Ltd in Canada. Norlett produces and sells power lawn mowers, gardening equipment and snow-clearing machines. Trail Manufacturing Ltd produces hobby chainsaws.


Production of chainsaws starts in Brazil.


Acquisition of Jonsereds AB in Sweden and the Skil Corp operations in hobby chainsaws in the US, Jobu forestry products in Norway, and Pioneer Chain Saw Corp in Canada.


Electrolux acquires Husqvarna. Acquisition of AB Partner in Sweden, which produces professional chainsaws and has subsidiaries in Norway and the US. Power products now include chainsaws, motorcycles, lawn mowers and cutting machines, with total annual sales of SEK 531m.


Acquisition of AB Flymo in Malmö, the Parent company in a group that manufactures hover lawn mowers. The company has plants in the UK, Australia and Germany, and markets its products in about 20 countries.


Husqvarna starts production of chainsaws and power lawn mowers.


Household products develop rapidly in terms of both technology and sales. During this period Husqvarna produces its first electric cookers, dishwashers and washing machines.


Husqvarna acquires Norrahammars Bruk in Sweden and the product range expands to include heating boilers and lawn mowers.


Production of motorcycles starts.


Husqvarna AB is incorporated.


Husqvarna produces its first bicycle. Production continues until 1962, when it is transferred to Monark of Sweden.


The first grey-iron foundry is established and besides sewing machines kitchen equipment in cast iron is now produced such as meat mincers and later on stoves and ovens. Husqvarna's meat mincers were a great export success with over 12 million exported world-wide.  


New machinery for production of rifles turns out to be well suited for producing sewing machines. Husqvarna starts production of cast-iron sewing machines. The operation is divested in 1997.


Statutory General Meeting in Husqvarna.


When Swedish weapons production took off in the late 17th century, hydropower was needed to handle certain mechanical operations. The drillingwork at the waterfalls in Huskvarna in the south of Sweden is our first factory. At the beginning of the 18th century this state-owned rifle factory had some 1,000 employees. The last shotgun is produced in 1989.

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