Stakeholder Dialogues

Constructive dialogues with our stakholders adds value to our sustainability management and help us prioritize among our issues.

Dialogues are conducted on the local level, with trade partners, end-users and local society, while dialogues with shareholders take place at Group level.

We also prioritize issues through different methods of assessing our major impacts on the society, the economy and the environment. Key among these is life-cycle assessment. We focus on the sustainability issues that are most material to the Group and our stakeholders. These issues are weighted in terms of their importance and relevance to our stakeholders.

Stakeholder Dialogues in 2012 Key issues How Husqvarna Group addressed the issue in 2012
Shareholders, investors and analysts
  • Investor and analyst meetings
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Profitability
  • Corporate governance
  • Sustainable operations
  • Updated the business strategy for 2013–2015
  • Announced cost improvement measures, including lay-offs
  • New corporate governance structure implemented
  • Strengthened the Sustainability Council by including all members of Group Management
  • Code of Conduct further implemented in operations and towards suppliers
Employees Annual employee and team survey Performance reviews Meetings with managers Unions and work councils Safe and healthy workplace
Fair compensation
Career opportunities
Gender diversity
Talent attraction and retention
Good environmental practice
Strengthened the health and safety organization
Updated the environmental policy
Environmental management systems, ISO14001
Structured accident and incident reporting process
More employees (67%) received an annual performance review, 84% of white collars and 53% of blue collars
Conducted internal audits
Continued with trainings and educations
Held negotiations with unions
Potential employees Career fairs and other meetings at selected universities
Summer jobs
Career opportunities
Fair compensation
Safe workplace
Employer branding strategy
Offered internships
Offered internship to members of the AIESEC organization
Offered summer jobs
Participated in the Swedish industry organization Teknikföretagen’s campaign offering internships to students
Suppliers Local supplier meetings
Audits aimed at selected suppliers
Fair compensation
Good cooperation
Environment, health and safety (EHS) performance
Supplier agreements
Trained suppliers in the Code of Conduct
Trained internal quality auditors in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)
Began monitoring and evaluating supplier’s EHS performance
Updated Restricted Material List
Trade partners Regular meetings and conferences
Online trainings
Education program for dealers, called the Husqvarna Academy
High-quality products
Innovative products
Environmental performance
Delivery on time
Policy for product safety
Innovation of product performance
Continuous follow-up on dealers’ qualitative work
End-users Focus groups
Field tests
Social media
Quality products
Environmental performance
Safe products
Launched battery products
Expanded the robotic mower range with a model under the Gardena brand
Continued to implement a CRM (customer relationship management) system
Began having a more strategic use of social media
Society (non-governmental and governmental organizations), media Participation in trade and industry organizations forums, such as Svenskt Näringsliv, Teknikföretagen, SNS, EGMF (European Garden Machinery Federation) and OPEI (The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute)
Community engagement projects
Community relations
Human rights
Risk and crises management
Environmental performance
Resource use
Carbon footprint
Legal compliance
Reported to the Carbon Disclosure project
Engaged in several local community engagement projects, such as; – workshop for volunteer firefighters in Russia, – U.S supported Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army and Hinds Feet Farm, The American Heart Association, Project Evergreen and more. – Germany donated 1 Euro for each product sold from the new GARDENA Terraline™ to a tree planting project.