Husqvarna Group’s management has put long-term and short-term objectives to measure progress towards becoming a more sustainable company.

The Group strives toward the following long-term non-financial goals and more short-term objectives have been set up in accordance to these.

Develop environmentally sound products

  • Develop and implement a roadmap for phasing out hazardous chemicals and substances in products and processes.
  • Implement and apply the concept of environmental design in the product creation process.

More efficient use of energy and input materials

  • Reduce energy consumption by 10 percent per produced equivalent unit and/or added value at production sites.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions per ton kilometer from transportation of goods.
  • Implement and maintain ISO 14001 on production facilities with more than 100 employees. The goal is 100 percent, baseline 2012: 88 percent.

Select suppliers that operate in a responsible manner

  • Implement a unified program for risk mapping, supplier evaluation and supplier selection based on Husqvarna Group's Code of Conduct.

Reduce workplace accidents to zero

  • Reduce number of accidents (measured in lost days) per million hours worked. Baseline 2012:5.1.
  • Implement a unified health and safety management system within the Group.

Contribute to the professional development of each employee

  • 80 percent of employees should undergo a performance review. Baseline 2012:67 percent.
  • Employee Satisfaction Index target 85, as measured in the yearly employee survey. Baseline 2012:82.

Ensure employee adherence to the Code of Conduct

  • 100 percent of managers in tier 1-3 to attend web-based training in the Group's Code of Conduct.
  • 100 percent of purchase and sales personnel (i.e. tier 4 or corresponding to the level of key account managers and above) to attend web-based training in Husqvarna Group's Code of Conduct.
  • Include Code of Conduct in the induction program for all new employees.

Contribute to the development of communities

  • Two community engagement projects per year at production facilities with more than 100 employees.
  • Information on community engagement projects and contributions to be gathered at Group level.


Achievements 2013

For goals achieved in 2013 see the Annual Report 2013 about sustainable and responsible business.