Nomination Committee

In accordance with a decision by the AGM 2013, Husqvarna has a Nomination Committee that consists of one representative of each of the four largest holders of voting rights together with the Chairman of the Board.

The names of these representatives and the shareholders that they represent shall be announced publicly at least six months prior to the AGM. Selection of the four shareholders is based on known holdings of voting rights as of 30 August 2013. In case of changes in major shareholders in the course of the nomination process, the composition of the Nomination Committee may be changed accordingly. The Nomination Committee's tasks include preparing a proposal for the AGM regarding the following:

  • Chairman of the AGM
  • Board members
  • Chairman of the Board
  • Fees to the Board, including the Chairman, and fees for members of committees
  • Fees to auditors
  • Composition of the Nomination Committee and its tasks for the coming year.

The Nomination Committee should also submit proposals for the election of auditors when this is to be decided by the AGM. The Nomination Committee is then assisted by the Audit Committee which, among other things, informs the Nomination Committee of the results of the evaluation of the audit work. Shareholders wishing to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so by e-mail to The committee's proposal shall be announced publicly in connection with or prior to the notice of the AGM.