Group Management composition

Group Management comprices the President and CEO, the heads of the business units, and the heads of the Group staffs.

Group Management
  Born Nationality Employed Holdings
Kai Wärn, President and CEO 1959 Swedish 2013
Share B 100,000 (Legal person)
Share B 30,570 (Own)
Ulf Liljedahl, Head of Group Staff Finance, IT and Investor Relations 1965 Swedish 2011
Share B 21,495 (Own)
Olle Wallén, Head of Group Staff Legal Affairs, Husqvarna Board Secretary 1953 Swedish 1993
Paid subscription share A 1,614 (Own)
Share A 3,228 (Own)
Share B 35,364 (Own)
Per Ericson, Head of Group Staff People & Organization and Group Staff Communication 1963 Swedish 2011
Share B 14,804 (Own)
Sascha Menges, Head of Manufacturing & Logistics 1971 German 2007
Share B 39,025 (Own)
Anders Ströby, Head of Construction 1953 Swedish 1980
Share A 7,848 (Own)
Share B 91,440 (Own)
Share A 1,350 (Spouse)
Share B 10,500 (Spouse)
Martin Austermann, Head of Global Purchasing 1957 German 2008  
Henric Andersson, Head of Product Management & Development 1973 Swedish 1997
Share B 11,116 (Own)
Frida Norrbom Sams, Head of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) 1971 Swedish 2011  
Pavel Hajman, Head of Asia/Pacific 1965 Swedish 2014
Share B 4,182 (Own)
Alan Shaw, Head of Americas 1963 American 2013
Share B 15,763 (Own)
Own holdings of Husqvarna A- and B-shares. Source: Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen)