Group Management and structure

The organization encompasses business units and Group staff functions. In addition, the Heads of Brand Management & Global Marketing, Quality and Business Development are direct reporting functions to the President and CEO.

President and Group Management

Group Management comprises the President and CEO, the heads of the business units, and the heads of the Group staffs.

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board and is responsible for the ongoing management of the company in accordance with the Board’s guidelines and instructions. These instructions include responsibility for financial reporting, preparation of information and input for decisions, and ensuring that commitments, agreements and other legal documents do not conflict with Swedish or foreign legislation or ordinances, including competition regulations. The President and CEO shall also ensure compliance with goals, policies and strategic plans, as well as updating these when necessary. The President and CEO appoints all members of Group Management.

The heads of the business units are responsible for the revenues, costs and use of capital in their respective operations. Overall management of the business areas is exercised through the quarterly meetings convened to review operations. In addition to the President and CEO, who directs the meetings, the heads of business units participate along with relevant representatives from the units.

Group staff functions are responsible for coordination of general issues of importance to the Group, development of policies and guidelines, and support for the business units that apply them. The tasks of the staffs include consolidation and reporting of financial results, financing, legal matters, risk management and insurance, health and safety, environmental and sustainability matters, compliance, personnel matters, internal communication as well as external communication with media and the capital market, quality and business development.

Group Management holds monthly meetings to review the previous month’s results, update forecasts and plans, and discuss strategic issues. In addition, weekly meetings are held by telephone.