Core values

How we act is guided by our values, by the culture in the Group.

Husqvarna Group has the following core values:
Customers First, Professionalism and Personal Leadership and Team Spirit.

Customers first

  • By adding value for the customer, we add value for the Group
  • Listen carefully and understand their needs
  • Help our customers to get more done with less effort
  • Build long-term relations
  • Customers are both internal and external


  • Innovate and design world class products
  • Deliver high quality on time and on budget
  • Collect all relevant facts to improve performance
  • Continuous improvement of processes
  • Responsible business conduct

Personal Leadership & Team Spirit

  • Reach out, communicate and interact outside our own areas
  • Encourage diversity and treat all people with respect
  • Innovate, improve, learn and share
  • Take charge; Make it happen
  • Raise red flag when needed

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